PINTUBERRI is committed to QUALITY, which is essential to ensure CLIENT satisfaction;
it also maintains the ISO 9001 certification, which is required both nationally and internationally in terms of managing client-supplier relationships.

Along these same lines, the plant is equipped with sensors that will detect any parameters that are outside the pre-set levels and will trigger an alarm on the plant's panel as well as the mobile phones of pertinent personnel.

During the operation of the installation, the parameters of the entire installation will be recorded as well as images (video and pictures) of the parts in the different sections of the process. This allows checking the condition of the paint on parts in cases where an incident has occurred.

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Also, Pintuberri has a laboratory for analysing the chemical products of the process as well as to compare the values obtained by the different sensors.

Finally, and to test the obtained painting results, a series of tests are conducted at the factory, which include: IMPACT, MEASURING OF THICKNESSES, GLOSS CONTROL, ADHERENCE, ENCAPSULATION AND BENDING TESTS.